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Lowest paid head coach in a Power Five conference? His part of that is the majority. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the deal is the universitys willingness to compensate Whittingham if a series of facility projects are not completed in a timely manner. } Randall is a Utah alumnus and has witnessed the impact of football success on the campus writ large first with Urban Meyer, then with Whittingham and the move into the Pac-12. Kirby Smart salary: $11.25 million (Georgia) 3. Brian Early has been a part of the Houston staff since 2019 and was at Arkansas State previously. II head coach at West Georgia and West Alabama, has a four-year contract at USM that will pay him $800,000 a year. While it seems a foregone conclusion, we can try to look at some of the names that have already been associated with Auburn for the job. The average Division II HBCU head coach earned a salary of $75,687. Support the Hotline: Receive three months of unlimited access for just 99 cents. Yes, CUSA salaries are lower, but that's doesn't mean drastically Jeff Traylor at UTSA is at $2,800,000 a year, while Bill Clark was over $1,650,000 annnually at UAB. } Earlier this month, USA Today revealed its salary list for all of the FBS college football head coaches. Fourth overall and top in the Big Ten is Jim Harbaugh with $8 million. (72) Bryan Harsin, Boise State, $1.65 million 3. } Nearly every major college head coach will point to their strength coach as the single most important hire that they make, and their salaries are quickly being reflected as such. CUSA C OACHES S ALARIES & C ONTRACTS # Coach Name School Age Conf. USA Today says that the Big 12 has the highest salaries per coach in the nation, at nearly $3 million per man. A quick list of the notable things we learned from USA TODAY's recently released database on college football coaches' 2020 salaries:---Cal's Justin Wilcox is the seventh-highest paid coach in the . Despite Stanfords recent downturn, Shaw will leave only when hes good and ready. College Football, function displayTime(){ UTEP head football coach salary. George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK, Sign up for the Auburn Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. //160x600, created 1/15/08 Ranking the SEC football coach salaries 1 David Shaw (Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports) Program: Stanford Cardinal Total pay: $8,924,683 2021 record: 3-9 (2-7 Pac-12) Buyout as of Dec. 1, 2021:. Signed through: 2027 season //-->, . Coaches Hot Seat,